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Past and present at Jersey Shore Steel Company
Celebrating 75 Years!!!
Setting up for the BC/BS commerical! photo used with permission from BC/BS
Spark testing. Photo used with permisission from BC/BS
recuperators in the background. Photo used with permission from BC/BS
Tower. Photo used with permission-BC/BS
Aerial shot of the railyard and the Mill, photo by Kevin Mantle, Mill employee
railyard-photo by Kevin Mantle, Mill employee

Welcome to Jersey Shore Steel: Green Steel Manufacturer of Rail Angles

JERSEY SHORE STEEL -- Genuine Green Steel


At Jersey Shore Steel, we manufacture high-strength rail steel angles from re-rolled T-rails for a number of products. Rail steel’s high carbon content makes it stronger than many other steel products. Once reheated and re-rolled, the T-rail’s dense grain structure becomes even denser resulting in exceptional tensile and yield properties for strength and durability. This high strength-to-weight ratio provides the same performance with less material in comparison to other steel products at a heavier gauge. This yields more pieces per ton reducing material costs as well as handling and shipping costs. Jersey Shore Steel’s state-of-the-art rolling mill is a computer controlled rolling process that assures both product quality and production efficiency. Essentially, Jersey Shore Steel Company offers a higher performance product at a lower cost making Jersey Shore Steel a solid choice!


* Some photos used throughout the Jersey Shore Steel website are by Mark Nance, Williamsport Sun-Gazette.  Used by permission, Williamsport Sun- Gazette.  Photos copyright Williamsport Sun-Gazette. *  


May 2013-Bruster's Ice Cream at our Fabrication Division; another celebration event for our 75th!
May 2013-Park Pizza-one of the many events we had to celebrate our 75th Anniversary
75th Anniv celebration picnic on June 30th
Jack Schultz, CEO & Pres of JSS
Monitoring the computer-controlled furnace which runs on landfill gas (LFG)
Shop floor
Roll shop
Furnace preheat stage

Jersey Shore Steel Quality

Jersey Shore Steel is committed to being a supplier of choice by providing excellence in products and services, meeting or exceeding all customer requirements.

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