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            The international Platts Global Metals Awards for 2014 received nominations from 20 countries, and for the second straight year Jersey Shore Steel Company is among the finalists.

            According to Platts, a McGraw Hill company and leading global energy, petrochemicals and metal information provider, Jersey Shore Steel again has been named a finalist in two categories, “Breakthrough Innovation of the Year” and “Industry Leadership”. The former recognizes “exemplary performance in greater efficiency, higher productivity, better quality, and lower environmental impact.” The Industry Leadership Award recognizes “first movers, venturing away from the status-quo and will to take risks with the courage and conviction to make fundamental changes in the way they operate.”

           Already known for making steel with the highest recycled content and lowest embodied energy of any steel on the market, a news release said Jersey Shore Steel made additional operating improvements in 2013 that cut process water consumption in half – saving hundreds and  thousands of gallons every day – and improved yield by optimizing the way final products are sheared from reheated, re-rolled railroad T-rail. The innovations are part of a larger commitment to sustainable steel manufacturing that includes using alternative energy to cut fossil fuel use. The company has shared its green practices with the steel industry domestically and abroad, according to the news release.

            High strength steel angles and shapes made by Jersey Shore Steel are used in leading brands of furniture, bedding support, orchard and vineyard support systems, and other products, with new uses being explored.

            In sharing the news with Jersey Shore Steel employees in Montoursville and Avis, Jack Schultz, company president and CEO, noted the dedication and commitment of the firm’s workforce, who represent, Schultz said, “the best of American manufacturing, once again recognized at the international level.”






Article reprinted with the permission ofWilliamsport Sun-Gazette.